In this first english episode you will discover Ted McDonald, known as Barefoot Ted from the book „Born to Run“ by Christopher McDougall.

Ted was part of the first Cabalo Blanco Ultramarathon in the copper canyons along elite runners of the tribe of tarahumara, which are known for their world-leading skills in natural running over long distances.

While they enjoy running, the modern humans are often punishing themself with running and injuries are so common know, that it seems to be normal.

Enjoy Ted´s journey how he met Manuel Luna and founded Luna Sandals, where he started to craft sandals on his own.

We talk about Ted´s life and daily movement practice, nasal breathing and the flow of getting into an ultra marathon and how he discovered all these things on his journey.

In this Episode you will discover:

– how Ted trained himself with a riksha

– the story of LUNA-Sandals

– Ted’s mindset about daily movement practising

– how to enjoy running and movement in general

– how Ted was into nasal breathing since his childhood

The Born to Run book:

Barefoot Ted´s Website:

Teds Company, LUNA Sandals:

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