Georgette is the creater of pedipower in Switzerland and a movement and foot-enthusiast. She loves to learn about feet and get them back into functional body parts. She was certified by a handful of specialists like Lee Saxby, Barefoot Academy, Dr- Emily Splichal and more.

In this english episode, Georgette wants to inspire through her journey of education and learning from different sources and combining them into her complete coaching system for movement and feet. We found each other because we are both certified functional foot map pracitioners and using the map in our work with clients.

In this episode you will discover:

– how Georgette startet her way to exploring feet, barefoot and more

– Where Georgette got her wisdom and experience

– which certifications and specialists she recommends for foot-interested people

– which tools she is using in her work

– why she goes out barefoot with her clients

– what her vision is for an „all-in-one“ – shoe shop in Switzerland


Pedipower, by Georgette:

Dr. Emily Splichal:



Lee Saxby:

Gait Happens Website:

Naboso tool for sensory input on the sole: