Antonio Torres is known as „The Tao Way“ and is an active youtuber, trainer and student. He incorporates different methods, skills and techniques into his own coaching. His journey started in an early age in his childhood. He practiced ballet, wrestling, kung-fu and many many more different disciplines.

„Although I now am the teacher, I will forever be the student“ – Antonio Torres

Through this talk we will speak about Antonios Journey, how he focussed on his upper body while not being able to walk for 8 months, what he includes in his coachings, which tools he likes most, how he learns new skills and many many more. Get inspired by this talk and feel free to move while listening.

In this episode you will discover:

– how an injury lead to Antonio’s focus on his upper body

– which different disciples Antonio participated in

– if Antonio has a secret regeneration booster

– what is necessary to become Antonio’s student

– Antonios Mindset about Skills, counting reps and more

– Antonios dietary way

– how he includes weightlifting, ring training, mobility and more in his coachings

– what „Locomotion“ is about

– why Antonio likes it to play with balls


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